A portable air purifier is a great tool in the fight for clean air. Not only can this air filter travel with you, but it is also small and discreet. The Blueair 450E is one of the best portable air purifiers we reviewed. Despite its small size, it is able to filter pollutants out of mid-size rooms with as much power as a large-room purifier. Fortunately, its impressive filtering capabilities do not make it noisy. If you're trying to reduce the pollen or odors in a room, the Blueair 450E can handle the job.

The Blueair 450E uses two types of filters: the SmokeStop Filter and the Particle Filter. The SmokeStop Filter filters gases and reduces odors. It is a sophisticated filter and costs more than the Particle Filter, which focuses on particulates like pollen and dust. No matter which filter you choose, one of the flaws of the 450E is its reliance on its ionizer. To fully clean the air, the 450E electromagnetically charges the filtered particles and sends them back into the air. In the second pass through the filter, the charged particles stick to the filter. Although most ionizers are found to emit ozone, the 450E is certified by the California Air Resources Board for low- to no ozone emissions.

The Blueair 450E meets all of the third-party requirements we looked for, including HEPA requirements, Energy Star verification and Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) listing. The 450E also comes with excellent bonuses, including a sleep mode after scheduled operation and a remote control. Unfortunately, this air filter lacks an air-quality monitor to help manage fan speeds and a pre-filter to capture large particles.

Blueair offers a five-year warranty on the 450E. This warranty covers repairs and replacements if the air purifier is defective. Blueair's website has a wide range of articles, a good FAQs page and downloadable user manuals. If you need to contact customer support representatives, Blueair provides telephone, email and live chat options.

Blueair 400 Series Summary:

The Blueair 450E is an excellent portable air purifier. It is small and quiet, and its cleaning capability rivals large-room air filters. A five-year warranty protects you from any defects, and Blueair's website has several articles and resources for you. Despite its petite design, the Blueair 450E offers excellent air filtering for mid-size rooms.


Blueair 400 Series

Despite its small size, the Blueair 450E is great for mid-size rooms.

Much of the filtering power comes from the ionizer, but the unit is certified for low- to no ozone emissions.

The Verdict
: 8.25/10

The Blueair 450E is a great air purifier for mid-size rooms, and its small stature and quiet operation make it a discreet appliance.