Coway AP-1512HH Review

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PROS / The Coway's filtration capabilities are better than many purifiers meant for larger rooms.

CONS / This air purifier is not great at removing odors.

VERDICT / The Coway AP-1512HH air purifier is compact, simple to use and powerful.

The Coway AP-1512HH is an ideal air filter if you're trying to take control of indoor pollutants but don't want to raise your monthly energy bill. This HEPA air purifier is compact and quiet, yet it is able to filter pollutants out of small rooms with ease. It has excellent safety and convenience features. Although it has middling performance when it comes to removing offensive odors, it will reduce the amount of indoor particles such as dust and pollen. The Coway is the best small room air purifier and earns our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award due to its excellent filtration capabilities and simple controls.

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  1. The total area the purifier can clean.
    More is Better
  2. 2 Coway
    325 Square Feet
  3. 550 Square Feet
  4. 350 Square Feet
  5. Category Average
    415.23 Square Feet


The Coway is meant to clean air in small rooms, yet it compares well with purifiers designed for medium-size rooms. This air purifier can filter 268 cubic feet of air per minute, and its powerful fan makes it a good choice for any room in your home, although it loses much of its efficiency in larger spaces. The Coway uses a four-stage filtration process. The washable pre-filter captures large particles like hair. Next, the carbon filter removes many offensive odors and gases. The True HEPA filter captures allergens and micro particles. Finally, the optional Vital Ion filter charges outgoing air for easier capture on the next pass.

The Coway's clean air delivery rate is impressive. It does a great job with dust and pollen, and it is a helpful tool for those who struggle with allergies. Its smoke and odor rating is lower than we would like, but it is still the best small room air purifier.

Our favorite aspect of air purifier is its low noise level. At its maximum setting, it can be a little overbearing, but at the lower settings, you'll hardly notice it in your room.

Safety & Certifications

The Coway's four-stage filtration process gives you an excellent level of air purification. However, if you have sensitive airways or breathing problems, you should avoid using the Vital Ion feature. This ionizer charges air particles as they exit the filter, allowing them to bond with other particles and kill micro organisms floating in the air. Then the filters can easily catch these ionized particles on later passes. However, the EPA does not recommend the use of ionizers in homes. Fortunately, you can turn this feature off at any time. Also, the Coway AP-1512HH is certified by the California Air Resource Board for emitting little or no ozone.

The air purifier is Energy Star verified and uses less than 78 watts at its highest setting. Some of the other large air purifiers we reviewed require more than 60 watts when running on the lowest setting, but the Coway's lowest setting requires a measly 5 watts. This air purifier shouldn't impact your home energy bills too much.

Additional Features

One of the Coway's best features is its air-quality sensor. The air purifier monitors indoor pollutants and adjusts the fan speed to maximize its filtration capabilities. You can set an operation timer to control how long the filter will run before shutting down. The timer runs for one, four or eight hours at a time.

This is one of the few HEPA air purifiers we reviewed with an eco mode. If the air-quality sensor does not detect any pollutants for 30 minutes, the fan automatically enters standby mode. Finally, the air-quality sensor provides a color-coded light to display the level of pollutants in your room.

Help & Support

Coway could use some improvements in its customer support offerings. The company does offer a three-year warranty, and Coway's support representatives are available by phone and email. However, the product website offers few self-help options. You can download a new owner's manual, but there aren't any FAQs to browse. In fact, the website lacks a dedicated support section, forcing you to search for help options.


The Coway AP-1512HH is the best small room air purifier. Its compact size and quiet operation belie its strong filtration capabilities. If you want to take control of indoor pollutants in your home, this Coway air purifier has impressive filtration, simple controls and a small form factor.

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